sobota, 1 listopada 2008


Hi sorry for this delay in mod releasing but i was covered with mass of work.
Now im totally free so after my casual work i can back to game n modding.
My poznań track stuck at place cuz i lost 3ds. files by my sis < she fuck my pc >
Luckly i got my last backup. Now i thinking about some downhill like carbon canyon.

Poznań Track Download

FreeStyle Drift Download

niedziela, 21 września 2008

Tor Poznań / Famous Polish Race Track

Hi last time i shoved u only a test map, now i want to present u my main project for now ... ( fully worked in game ).
Poznań race track is the famous polish racetrack. Every year Toyo Drifting Cup has there an Big Events from region of Central Europe.

As u can see road is exactly converted, all turns made from scratch.
Now im planning to start modelling buildings, barriers and sand pools around harpin turns.

I think u gonna like this map im planning to finish this mod for 2 weeks so keep visiting my blog to be alvays on with updates.

Map will be downloavable. :)

Cyt to next update...

środa, 17 września 2008

3ds max part 2 converting to game

hi this is first pics of my map from teh game.
Dont expect something high poly this only test of ma skills, and first tryout to convert some map into game, as u can see i pass this task.
I want to thank to Donley Simon for tips n help. Thx Bro... :)

wtorek, 16 września 2008

3ds Max part 1

Hi sorry for my absence but this summer time was very tought for me ... there was so many weddings and too litlle time to edit this to d-day.
Now im Finally free so when i back from my casual work i start modelling my map in 3ds max.
Last time ive made few map scratch in zmod but they dont work to well. Now i have all scripts to my 3ds max ... Deniska and Kam's scipts btw ... so making col or texturing isnt so hard now.
This map will be some sprint drifting map u start in A point and ends on B... and this B point is on other side of big parking imm planning to model a huge ballons like in pro street and make this in this Pro street style....

Heres the pics from progress ...

niedziela, 6 lipca 2008

New Touge are comming

1st progress picture - only a base builded for now.
thinking now what details use...

FreeStyle Drifting

4 yards each one for freestyle. DRIFT how u want !
1st. the main one is for long drifts with high speed and for duels.
2nd. one is for technical freestyle... narrow corners not too many place.
3rd. is a double circle drift or 8ball .. call this on ur way.
4th. is a slalom :P

The map idea gives me erh4be, finally something new.

4 yards each one for freestyle. DRIFT how u want !